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Monday, October 21, 2002

I don't know if I can agree with this.  I see no reason why partnering with Novell could be taken as good news.  Giving away MySQL with an OS that NOBODY is buying doesn't do anyone any good.

Excellent MySQL News. Not only did they just strike a deal with Novell, their most recent month of sales hit an all-time high. Great work, guys!... [source: Jeremy Zawodny's blog]
9:39:50 PM    

Mattamy Homes

I'm just pondering whether it is useful to other people for me to describe my experience with buying a Mattamy Home.  Supposedly they have been the builder of the year for a few years going now.  The President of Mattamy Homes is Peter Gilgan.  There are a number of Mattamy communities namely:

  • Scarborough Mattamy on the Rogue
  • Markham Windsong
  • Brampton Vales of Castlemore
  • Mississauga Creditview Country Club
  • Mississauga Watercolours
  • Mississauga Avonlea
  • Brampton Fletcher's Meadow
  • Milton Hawthorne Village
  • Oakville Upper Glen Abbey
  • Oakville Joshua Creek
  • Markham Kingswalk
  • The Orchard, Burlington

If there is enough interest in this topic I'll put a story together.  So, if you are interested just comment on this post here and in due time I'll get a story out on Mattamy.

UPDATE: The comments below are no longer working as they were hosted on another site. I have exported the page and have made them available here.

8:50:10 PM    

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