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100% Uptime For Slack is 100% False

January 5th, 2021 · No Comments

So, Slack claims they have 100% uptime even though they had a major outage yesterday. Because they were never honest with this uptime claim in the first place they try to give a reason why its likely better than one would think by making some claim that its “an average derived from the number of affected users”. Whatever that means. So they can probably say, well, we had an outage and 12 million users MINUS 1 were not able to use slack but there was 1 that was able to use it so we are 100% up.

Outages started around 10:14 am on Jan 4th, 2021 according to their status history page. They actually continued in some manner with some of their services until about 12:05 am on Jan 5th.

They admitted to a full blown outage at 11:20 am.

At 12:29 pm they said that some customers may see improvements connecting to Slack. We all know that most of us had issues for at least part of the afternoon.

But lets be really conservative and say that for at least an hour their services were completely out for ALL of their users. We know its much longer for a large portion of users and at least a good number of users.

So their uptime “for the quarter” should be no better than 98.5833333% for the 4 days in the quarter so far. Again, that is being super conservative.

BUT obviously the calculation they are using isn’t a calculation whatsoever. Its just a hardcoded 100% value there no matter what the situation is!!! Lets just be honest with what is being shown here.

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