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Tuesday, November 20, 2001

I just bought a new scanner from Agfa that was very highly rated for its price range. It worked great for maybe 5 scans and of course when I need it most it seems to be busted. Since they seem to have a decent online tech support system, I post my problem and get a pretty quick response to call their tech support line as I need to verify warranty information etc. I'm guessing because it is totally screwed and I'm going to have to send it in or something.

Well, I call the tech support number, wade through the options, a message tells me I may have to wait 6 minutes. Ok, not bad I figure, I leave the speaker phone on and let the music play. About 5 minutes go by and I hear another message indicating that call volume is high and I should call back later. The system then automatically hangs up on me. Should I not have been given a chance to remain on hold???? Did 6 minutes turn into 6 hours all of a sudden? Is it the fact that it is now exactly 5:00pm and they figure they can just close up shop? Did all the tech support people on the phone with people just hang up cause the whistle blew? I want some answers!!!
5:04:44 PM    

I'm not a grease monkey whatsoever but I thought this was interesting:

McMaster's ultimate goal is to displace one very entrenched technology -- the internal combustion engine -- while leapfrogging other, more experimental ones, such as gas-electric hybrid vehicles and those powered by fuel cells. But that challenge, though daunting, pales beside the one now posed by time. Harold McMaster is 85 years old. The race for him is no longer merely against the entire automobile industry, but also against his own mortality.
4:09:47 PM    

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