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Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Microsoft has done it again. A few weeks ago I had to un-install Office because I was trying to apply a security patch which required Office SR-1a which I already had. Unfortunately the patch would not install thinking I did not have SR-1a and there was no way to force it. So I thought I would re-install SR-1a. That wouldn't install cause it said I already had SR-1a (make up your mind already MS) and once again there was no way to force it to install anyway. So it was off to un-install Office completely and re-install from scratch and then apply SR-1a and the patches. That seemed to work.

So today I'm trying to get to an attachment that was sent to me with a .bat extension. I get the nice message saying "outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments". Well thats nice but I know they are safe so I should be able to get to them right. Well, according to MS, I'm wrong and they are always right. It seems I have no control over any of these security settings to enable MYSELF to get to a perfectly good attachment. I've been through about 20 different KB articles on how to rectify this none of which work. I've tried about 5 different registry entries to get by this. Still nothing. What am I to do??? Un-install and re-install again and be very careful not to install this specific security patch which I'll probably not be able to determine!!!

Wake up Microsoft!!!!!
12:47:08 AM    

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Been in minor operational mode here in the new office for a few days. I don't even have the strength to summarize the mess it was with getting the cable Internet going. I may update this blog another day but for now I have something else to fume about.
1:34:16 PM    

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

There will be interruptions in web services etc. here (including this blog) over the next couple days as the office is moved. Hopefully we'll be back up and operational in not time however I expect problems of some sorts!!!!
1:24:22 AM    

Sunday, December 09, 2001

I really have to thank Paul Nakada's weblog on Segway for pointing me to Taxi2000. Taxi2000 is a personal rapid transit (PRT) system of computer-controlled, three-passenger vehicles on slim guideways operating on-demand and nonstop direct to any station in the network. Now this is something that will change urban transportation and not the Segway. The Segway is slick but it is not going to get me to downtown Toronto ever. I'll either drive my car or take a PRT. I can't handle public transportation as it doesn't work on my schedule and is just too much of a nuisance to travel by. I'd rather drive my car and get stuck in traffic.

I've been dreaming of a PRT system and coming up with ideas surrounding it ever since developing a real-time train avoidance system for a University term project. My project mates thought I was wacky when I came up with the idea to have a couple trains race around the track to see which one could cover the whole track first (of course without colliding into other trains and obstacles). I couldn't handle doing the same thing everyone had done for years in that course (having the engine pick up a box car or some such thing - boring). It went over really well not only for how well it worked but also for its originality.

I should have known however that there were many people working on similar ideas all along. I've never really researched it and after looking at Taxi2000 and a couple other sites in that field it looks like there is a lot of activity. I'll be keeping my eye more closely on it now.
4:40:13 PM    

I said on Nov 11th that if enough suicide bombers killed themselves that eventually we may be rid of them. Well, these kind of suicide bombers are the ones I'm talking about. This moron killed himself but didn't manage to take anyone with him. Perfect.
10:52:10 AM    

Thursday, December 06, 2001

Its going to be a long process so I've starting packing up my office here in preparation for the move next week.
3:19:29 PM    

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

I'm mildly interested and impressed with Curl.
8:53:53 AM    

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Alright, I'm sure most people won't believe this since I don't really believe it myself. I've had this Mitsubishi VCR for approximately 10 years (I need to find the bill or something to figure out exactly how old it is). It still works great and there is no need to replace it (other than to replace it with a Digital Video Recorder of course).

Now, the part that is unbelievable is that the original batteries in the remote that came with the VCR (yes, they are Mitsubishi batteries) are still working. I have no idea how this can be. I have used the remote over the years pretty regularly. I've been wanting to take them out and put them in a battery tester but I know as soon as I do that by some magical process the juice will drain forever. I really need to write them an email one day and tell them how fantastic these batteries are.
3:22:10 PM    

Monday, December 03, 2001

More evidence that Ellison and other top Oracle execs are very unimpressive.
10:05:15 PM    

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