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Monday, April 29, 2002
Displaying Referrers
I thought I would modify Brent's display referrers PHP script to sort by the number of referrers. Basically all I added was a uSort with a supporting SortNumeric() function. I gave up trying to format the code here so I'll just summarize my changes.

Added the SortNumeric() function:

function sortNumeric ($a, $b) {
  if (intval($a) == intval($b)) return 0;
  return (intval($a) > intval($b)) ? -1 : 1;

And then just after each of the exec() calls add a call to usort:

usort($a, sortNumeric);

See Brents blog post for the original code.

3:38:25 PM    

Friday, April 26, 2002

Interesting idea for encoding email addresses displayed on webpages to prevent the spam harvestors from scraping (until of course they figure it out).
10:14:21 AM    

Thursday, April 25, 2002

All I can do is laugh. Ha ha ha ha ha.

More than a year ago I choked over and over again when discussing advertising rates with AOL. They played the bully. We were nothing to them. We should have felt so privileged just to be able to talk to them. We should be kissing their feet. Bullshit. I wouldn't have paid $.0000000000001/CPM never mind whatever absolutely ridiculous amount they wanted. We ended up paying them zippo. Not a single dime. We told the bully what to go do with their banners.

So its no surprise to me and I feel good seeing the bully being knocked down a few billion pegs.

Go Go Go, rev up that online ad sales guys, thats really going to help, trust me!!!

AOL Has Huge Loss; Shares Rise. AOL Time Warner reports higher-than-expected sales, but takes a breathtaking $54 billion charge to cover stock losses. Meanwhile, executives pledge to rev up flagging online ad sales. By Joanna Glasner. [Wired News]
9:19:58 AM    

Friday, April 19, 2002

I'm so excited. I was just issued my first US Patent. Patent #6,373,244 is an "Apparatus for scraping a surface indicating elements located inwardly of the surface". Or in laymans terms, transverse asswiping.

Basically what this all means is people need my permission to wipe their ass. So please, the next time you wipe your ass, leave a quarter in a jar beside the toilet. We'll be around to collect those jars on a monthly basis. We have estimates on how many times a person wipes their ass a day and we have no problem taking people to court who may try to scam the system.

Boy, someone beat me to this patent. US Patent #6,368,227. Amazing what similar minds can think up while sitting around.

1:03:41 AM    

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

It seems like I'm on the exact same track as Eric Costello. He explains that he's at a crossroads in his development life. He can take the .NET road or the PHP, JSP, Cocoon, MySQL road.

I'm pretty much at the same stage except that I've taken one step down the PHP and MySQL road and haven't considered bothering with .NET until I read this. It may be time to give it a chance even though I'm already breaking away from the evil empire!!

Thanks Eric and ultimately Joel for the blogs.

3:50:14 PM    

Tuesday, April 16, 2002
Groove 2.0 Article
Groove 2.0 article by Jon Udell.

I've been using Groove now for at least 6 months on projects with team members working remotely. It has helped tremendously to keep all the discussions/communications/files etc. in a central location. Gone are the days of filing away email in some lame folder structure in the hopes of being able to find some related project item easily enough.

I can't believe though that they still haven't added a SEARCH feature to Groove. Come on Ray, what can it take to add search?

5:45:44 PM    

Monday, April 08, 2002
beta is bustin loose
We have a number of BlogChat beta users just coming online now. The list is on the right here under beta blogchatters along with an indicator whether they are online or not. If they are online you can click on their name to join their chat. No special anything required, just the plain old browser you're using to view this page.

If you are interested in beta testing blogchat yourself just send us an email at We'll send you a couple lines of HTML and you can have a blogchat popup link (like I have) or an embedded chat right in your webpage (see Brents). Nothing special required on your end. Go for it, it takes about 2 minutes to get running.

12:25:52 AM    

Thursday, April 04, 2002

Brent Ashley and I are getting close to releasing the BlogChat beta to a limited number of participants. If interested just send us an email at

For more specific information see Brents blog about this. For a preview of BlogChat (the version that is freely available) checkout any of the BlogChatters online by clicking on their online status to the right here.

Please stay tuned. More info in the coming days.

2:23:45 PM    

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