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Tuesday, June 11, 2002
Searching Groove

A side effect of this is that I can finally search some of my Groove content:

Tim is doing some more work on the Groovespace publisher concepttool. For now it publishes the outliner-tool, the discussion-tool and the notepad-tool. Click here to view the webmirror of a Public Groove Space. As a test i also added this output to my weblog  (at the bottom of my list of links) It will be dynamicly updated as the Groovespace grows. [Jeroen Bekkers' Groove Weblog]
10:47:53 PM    

Relive the dot-com era
This might be a must buy for dot-com'ers.  I wonder if the "bicycle delivery service" refers to good old
Relive The Dot-Com Era As A Card Game. Adam Barr writes "A new card game lets you (humorously) relive the dot-com era. In "Burn Rate" all products under development are labeled "Bad Ideas." One Bad Idea is "Dot-Com Card Game," but the very worst is "Bicycle Delivery Service." Players can only get money by raising venture capital, and releasing a product does not earn you any more money: it just allows you to stop losing money developing it." Well, this sounds perfect for the next Techdirt party... [Techdirt]
5:13:35 PM    

LM Orchard is doing some really slick stuff with AmphetaDesk.  Can this be done with Radio Userland?  I would think so.  Anyone have any ideas or working on it, please let me know.

More On Outline Style RSS Aggregators. L.M. Orchard has modified activeRenderer's XSLT code to devise an RSS news aggregator for Amphetadesk. The result looks pretty good. [s l a m]
5:03:31 PM    


Adam Curry and Dave Winer have been talking about audioblogging lately.  In search of converting live streaming video presentations to text for an eLearning venture we stumbled upon some technology from Virage (see the VideoLogger product).  This technology will convert speech to text in real time and provide a means for indexing the video for later searching and retrieval.

The products from Virage are definitely overkill for an audioblogger.  I've dug out some other links that weren't suitable for the eLearning venture but may be suitable for audiobloggers:

BBN Audio Indexer - This might be the speech-to-text audio technology behind the Virage product.  They also have something called Rough'n'Ready.  Both definitely worth looking at for audioblogging.

Videogram - actually this would be great for videobloggers.  There is a free version as well so one could put something up rather quickly I would think.  If anyone does, let me know and I'll provide a link here.

VidiTalk - They describe this as a "streaming media messaging system" (whatever that is).  This has a video component but also converts speech to text and does language translation.

I'm sure there are a number of other solutions out there as well so if anyone would like to add comments to this post please do so.

I think we'll start seeing some of these types of technologies in action very soon at conferences.  Along with the manual conferencebloggers there will be this automatic conferenceblog being generated.  Would definitely be useful to the virtual conference attendees that is for sure.  I'm sure Scoble would be very interested in all this.

12:55:26 PM    

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