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Friday, October 18, 2002
VeriSign needs a clue

There is no doubt VeriSign needs a definite clue. I've talked about how they have been sending me renewal notices for domains that don't expire for a very long time.

One month ago today they sent me a bunch of emails detailing how they were migrating the contact information and domain name registrations management to a new system. They sent the account and user level logins and stated that due to security measures they would send the passwords by postal mail.

That was fine, however I'm surprised I ever received the mail. They botched the address in such a way that I'm not sure how the postal service ever delivered the mail. The address within the letter however is perfectly fine (if only they used that on the envelope).

The other thing is that there is no easy way to match the passwords in the regular mail with the userids in the email since the only link is the account holder information. Well, the account holder on a number of these domains is the same however now I seem to have a number of accounts. Just managed to get into one of the accounts. All of the contact information is in a state of disarray. I wonder how long it is before I loose these domains all together and they claim that I screwed something up???

Doesn't matter for much longer anyway because I'm slowing migrating these domains to another registrar as they come up for renewal.

6:11:13 PM    


I've just found out that insurance companies consider people who work mainly at home a higher risk for disability insurance.  Their reason (read excuse) is that people working at home have the opportunity to more easily fake a disability because there aren't other people around to witness an accident or what have you.  For argument sakes, lets give this to them and weigh that against NOT having to risk ones life and limb twice (maybe 4 times) a day driving an automobile to an office and back everyday.  Should the two at the very least not balance things out??  Of course, there is no way to talk to these people intelligently about it so I'm screwed yet again by yet another insurance company for yet another so called coverage.

I'm convinced that insurance companies have excuses for just about any type of situation you may have in order to reduce what they advertise the disability coverage would be.

Hmmm, I wonder if its time to fire up the WiFi and go work at Starbucks everyday.  I can just see them brainstorming for their reason/excuse on that situation.

12:37:58 PM    

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