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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Well written Mark:

Syndication is not publication. Now, like heartburn that persists 2 or more times a week even though you've treated it and changed your diet, the idea is back again. "Ban RSS! XHTML is all we need! It's like, uh, semantic and stuff." Spare me. (1078 words) [dive into mark]
2:36:54 PM    

Saturday, November 23, 2002

I really don't care much about this SOAP vs REST debate.  My philosophy is to use the right tool to solve a specific task efficiently.  Whether that be a protocol, programming language, database or what have you.

A decision to use REST over SOAP or XML-RPC may rest purely on the fact that there are no benefits to a particular problem but only the disadvantages of overhead and additional complexity, therefore making the solution much more inefficient and complex.  Usually hackers get themselves all bent out of shape coding inefficiently this way vs real programmers who know better and develop clean, efficient, well working, simple solutions.

3:52:46 PM    

Friday, November 22, 2002

It is amazing it has taken the TabletPC to generate all this excitement surrounding digital ink.  There have been blog posts like this one popping up in the last couple of weeks.  Mac OSX has ink built in.  All you need is a tablet like the Wacom Graphire which has been available for years.  Hand recognition is built in as well so you can write and dump it as text into all applications it seems.

As well, the Graphire has been available for Windows for many years.  There just aren't many apps that inherently support ink.  Groove had to build a special ink chat tool for the TabletPC.  Why that isn't available for one who has a perfectly good digital ink implement is a wonder to me (maybe it does so hopefully someone will correct me).

Dan Bricklin has an excellent article on Tablet Computer.

5:15:02 PM    

Thursday, November 14, 2002

On this moron day last year.
12:59:26 PM    

Tuesday, November 12, 2002
Macromedia Contributes To Static HTML sites

Macromedia Contribute sounded like the tool that could be used by content developers (rather than web developers) to update content on a website without the need to have changes made by the web developers.  Well, it fell short.  It seems to be very useful for editting static HTML pages but if thats all your doing, you probably don't really require web developers to begin with.  I haven't worked on a website in probably 6 years that has had a single static HTML page.  There is always some part of the page generated dynamically for some reason or another.  Then again, now that I think of it, is pretty much static at the moment (oh well).

There seem to be some hooks to be able to edit pages in ASP, Perl, PHP etc. but when I tried it on an extremely simple PHP page, all I received was a blank page.  After poking around, it may be that I hadn't setup an editor for a PHP file type but it should have at the least given me some sort of prompt and not presented me with a blank page.  I wonder what would have happened if I saved that page (I didn't bother trying that to find out).

The other extremely annoying feature was that there seems to be no way at all to view the actual source of your HTML.  Now, that is a serious deficiency.  It seemed to be able to point out that I had a problem with one of my HTML files and even showed ONE tag and highlighted it however there was no way I could fix the problem in the WYSIWYG editor.  I had to open the source in a text editor and fix the problem.

And one other thing, it relies entirely on FTP to make updates and administer a site.  Would be nice if tool makers would stop using FTP and get with the times and use something more secure based on SSH like SCP or something.

Other than that I suppose it could be useful in very limited situations.

12:00:40 AM    

Friday, November 01, 2002
How to bet the horses

I wonder if they have been doing this for a while with smaller stakes and then got greedy!!

How to bet the horses - at last Saturday's Breeder's Cup one lucky racing fan was the only one to hit the Pick 6.  Amazingly, for a $12 investment the winner netted about $3 million.  Well, he might have netted that amount, but it looks like it was fraud.  Or "computer hacking" to be more precise as this New York Times article explains. [Ernie the Attorney]
5:21:25 PM    

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