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Thursday, December 19, 2002
Microsoft Office 2000 SP3 - Do NOT install

Well, it seems Microsoft does not want to admit that SP3 for MS Office 2000 has problems. At least with the advanced find in Outlook as far as I have found so far. Others are complaining but not getting very far. See this news thread and the moron response from some Microsoft non-technical support person on this problem.

I followed the steps outlined in the 7th message of this thread but instead ran the 2 Office cleanup utilities just for good measure. Who knows why there are 2 but they can be found here and here.

Now here this Microsoft, SP3 needs some fixing so wake up and get to it. Stop trying to tell us that our .pst files are corrupt when they are working perfectly fine on machines without SP3. WAKE UP.

10:38:26 AM    

Friday, December 06, 2002

Optimum way of shoe lacing. Reminds me of all the boring proofs we were subjected to in school. Why couldn't we work on something like this!

3:57:28 PM    

Spammer can't take what he dishes out:

Internet Spammer Can't Take What He Dishes Out. A few weeks ago, the Detroit Free Press had the story of yet another spammer, Alan Ralsky, bragging about his big house and how he'll never stop spamming. It seems some of the fine folks over at Slashdot looked up the address of his new home and convinced more than enough people to make sure that Ralsky knew what it felt like to get a ton of unwanted advertising. He's been getting lots of junk snail mail every day, and man, does he seem pissed off. That he doesn't realize the irony in the situation is both a little scary and a little sad. He says that the people who signed him up for all this our "out of their minds" and accuses them of "harassing" him. He's now planning on suing them. How is it that he's not harassing all of us with his "greatest business model in the world" spam? If he gets away with his proposed lawsuit, then, clearly everyone who receives any of his spam needs to sue him using the exact same charges. [Techdirt]
3:45:57 PM    

Thursday, December 05, 2002
AOL Sucks

Its no wonder MSN and Yahoo can still make a few dollars in advertising revenue and AOL cannot. I wouldn't be surprised for a second if the morons at AOL are still trying to make ludicrous deals. Their problems have nothing to do with the dot-com bust or the economy. It has to do with people waking up and standing up to the AOL bullies and writing them off as partners or a useful advertising space. They weren't willing to listen to us for one second and the only way to play was by their rules. So we didn't play and now it looks like they only have themselves to play with.

Some of my previous posts on AOL can be found here, here and here.

10:34:54 AM    

Drowning in Political Quicksand

Sounds to me like Phil Windley was caught in the all too typical political quicksand and figured he best get out before he drowns. Does one drown in quicksand?

Resignation. I submitted my resignation as CIO for the State of Utah this morning.  It is effective December 31, 2002.  I have many mixed emotions: anger, sadness, excitement, and relief, among others.  In my letter, I said: [Windley's Enterprise Computing Weblog]

It will be interesting to hear more about this in upcoming blog entries from Phil.

10:18:02 AM    

RSS to Newsgroup Postings

Very slick:

Russell Beattie reviews the Genecast RSS-to-NNTP gateway. Apparently it works. Good news. [Scripting News]
10:00:18 AM    

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