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Friday, March 14, 2003
Feedster For Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toobar

I've added Feedster searching for Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar.

The search is provided here in the form of an XML file that you just drop in the searches directory. For more info on how to add searches if you don't know already see the help file with the tool.

If you are unfamiliar with Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar its an absolute must have utility on Windows.

12:30:46 PM    

Just about everyone else has already blogged the fact that we (Brent Ashley, Doc Searls, Tara Cleveland, Michael O'Conner Clarke, Joey deVilla (The Accordian Guy), and a couple guys from Tucows (one of whom was Ross) met at The Academy of Spherical Arts tonight (or make that last night now).

1:19:49 AM    

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