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Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Municipal Broadband

Definitely an interview worth reading. Some great insight from Jim Baller on broadband. How I wish the absolutely lousy cable companies servicing my area would dissappear. They are Rogers Cable and Futureway Communications. Absolutely horrible service where I am now. Rogers wasn't too bad at my last place but here it is horrendous. One of the reasons is that Futureway actually provides the last mile infrastructure to the house but they have not a clue what they are doing. They actually tried to bring fiber to the house but had all kinds of problems and had to back out of that. They also provide phone service to the poor people who were unfortunate enough to go with them. I can't even count how many times people have been without phone service in the last year. Its unbelievable really.

Keeping Government Out Of The Broadband Business. Bryan writes "This is fitting. Since there's a growing number of local governments getting into the municipal broadband business (either because the local companies won't serve them, or serve them badly), there's now a push to outlaw government competition in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. It's definitely a growing controversy that will be getting noisier over the next several years as more communities get fed up with their broadband service and the companies begin lobbying heavily to stop the trend. Broadband Reports has posted an interesting interview with Jim Baller, one of the country's most experienced attorneys in municipal broadband, and he tries to dissect some of the conflict and answer the tough questions surrounding the idea. " [Techdirt]
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