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Sunday, August 24, 2003
NetNewsWire Widescreen Hack

Really nice widescreen hack for NetNewsWire.

12:47:36 PM    

Saturday, August 16, 2003
Blogmapping the Power Outage

With the help of the blogging community I'm attempting to map the timeline of the power outage by having bloggers (or anyone for that matter) submit by way of comments here what time their power went out during this huge blackout hitting the north east of North America.

Please submit the exact time, your location (city, state/province would be good enough) and if you have them, latitude/longitude. I'll see what I can do about compiling the results. Please only submit a time that has been reported by your UPS or other such indicator of when the power was lost. Also, unless your time is accurate and kept in sync with one of the Network Time Servers don't bother submitting. No sense in having unreliable data. I'm looking for times that are accurate to within a second or less.

Just submit your info with the comment feature on this post.

According to my UPS the power was lost here in Brampton, Ontario, Canada (just north of the Greater Toronto Area) at 4:10:58pm on Aug 14th.

11:52:31 AM    

Friday, August 15, 2003
Power Outage

We were affected by this massive North Eastern seaboard power outage. According to the UPS power failed at 4:10pm eastern time yesterday. Rumors were definitely flying in no time. Canada is blaming the US and the US is blaming Canada. I've heard a hydro station in NY was on fire (apparently not true). The Canadians saying a station in Niagara falls was hit by lightning (unconfirmed and denied I think by the US).

The only thing I do know is that 16 hours later they haven't been able to say for sure is why a massive part of the power grid shutdown. Yet, they say that it is not terrorism. Well, if one doesn't know why it went down how can you rule out anything? Should be interesting to see what comes out of all this if we ever find out.

For the first time in as far as I can remember I do not have a single buddy online in ICQ, Yahoo or MSN.

8:31:58 AM    

Thursday, August 07, 2003
Google AdSense Experiment Update

I'm sure this will piss off people more than it will actually inform them of anything but here it goes anyway.

My Google AdSense experiment is still going strong (since July 11th). Unfortunately the Google Adsense reporting is seriously lacking and I can't actually experiment with it as much as I'd like to. And with the way they've implemented the ads it is not entirely trivial to add my own click tracking like I've done with just about any other sort of affiliate/ad program. So, I'm still watching the dollars and tweaking as the days go on.

And I should mention that the expirement with the ads is not happening on this weblog so this isn't a shameless plug in an attempt to get people to click on the ads for no reason. It is much more interesting than that.

I'm also completely amazed that this is not out of the bag as of yet. I'll announce when it is though.

While we're talking about AdSense, I see that Google has added color options to the Ads. Thats a nice touch but working on more informative reporting is in the works I hope.

5:28:29 PM    

Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Mattamy Homes Link

I've added a link directly to the original Mattamy Homes post I made since people are posting comments there and I'm getting tons of search requests for Mattamy. Hopefully they are finding the article and more importantly the comments people are making. I've had a ton of email that I've replied to privately but would like more of it to be available in the comments for all to read.

For the original blog post click here. For a direct link to the comments, click here.

4:02:35 PM    

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