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Thursday, October 16, 2003
Buffer Overflow - lets plug this once and for all

Can someone please tell me why Microsoft (and I suppose other OS vendors) cannot provide a single patch at the network stack or higher/lower level to stop buffer overflow problems??? And could someone tell me why this wouldn't have been done in Win2K or before? Is it being done for the next Windows release???

More to the point, Ogren told NewsFactor, is that Microsoft has no excuse for not fixing buffer-overflow problems in its software, since the technology to plug such holes is available from a number of vendors, including Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO - news) and Network Associates (NYSE: NET - news). "The company has the ability to take a leadership role in buffer-overflow protection and has not done so," he said. [source: Yahoo News]
5:41:54 PM    

do-not-spam list

I don't think the do-not-call phone lists are helping any so why should a do-not-spam list. So I agree with this in general:

The premise sounds simple: To cut down on junk e-mail, simply submit your addresses to a "do-not-spam" list that marketers would have to check to avoid fines. With more than 50 million phone numbers already on a federal do-not-call list, many e-mail users are eager for a no-spam counterpart.

But don't hold out much hope, even if one is created. Phone and e-mail systems and the marketers who employ them are fundamentally different.

[source: Yahoo News]

Of course I may be a little biased considering I am co-founder of SimpleFilter.

5:13:13 PM    

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