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Kosmo Systems Inc, along with Ashley IT are proud to present their spam detection service called SimpleFilter. It is so simple, there is absolutely no software to install and it works with virtually any email client on any operating system. Checkout

Saturday, November 29, 2003 DNS Blacklist shutting down

According to Win2KNews, DNS will be shut down on Dec 1st. Checking here suggests this is in fact true. This hasn't come across my radar yet on any spam related news feeds/sites and the only hit on a google search is Win2KNews surprisingly enough. I just removed the check from SimpleFilter.

From Win2KNews: After the Osirusoft and RBLs, per December 1st, the DNS blacklist will be shut down. In this case it is not a case of continuous DDoS-attacks, but more an issue of resources. This week, a large Dutch ISP announced that the effectiveness of its spamfilters continues to decrease since spammers find ways to circumvent RBLs. They are now looking for other ways to filter spam.
8:21:39 PM    

Friday, November 28, 2003
Microsoft Bigger Better Basic Bullshit

Beware anyone who would think they'll save the advertised $800 on an MSDN subscription after attending this event. If you read it carefully it does say "up to $800". So, by buying all 5 levels of MSDN subscriptions you'd save $800 (actually $790 I think). But why would one buy every level of MSDN when each higher level gives you everything below.

4:01:15 PM    

Friday, November 21, 2003
Linksys WVC11B WiFi Internet Video Camera

I've been messing around with one of these Linksys WVC11B WiFi Wireless Internet video cameras this week. Although the features on it are pretty slick I'm finding that the video quality just doesn't cut it at all. Or rather the quality is average but its the brightness control on the camera that just plain sucks. It seems to have to require absolutely ideal lighting conditions in order to show decent video whatsoever. It has an option to let it automatically set the brightness level and I've also gone in and manually played around with the levels without any luck whatsoever. With the camera pointing outside somewhere and selecting the absolute lowest brightness level its still way to light to really get any decent video and with the camera indoors under normal (not even low lighting conditions) and setting the brightness to its highest level its way too dark. I wonder if its a matter of allowing more than 64 levels of brightness to select. Might be time to get the GPL code and mess around with it but thats more messing than I'm interested in doing at this point.

Its also missing a couple things that the VEO has namely pan/tilt and audio.

5:22:29 PM    

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Real-time WiFi use at Carnegie-Mellon campus

Very interesting real-time view of WiFi usage. I wonder if the dots are somewhere close to where they are in real life vs just randomly placed within the buildings. I suppose they could do some triangulation of the data from various access points to come up with an approximation of where the clients are:

A University's Real-Time Wi-Fi Usage Map See usage across Carnegie-Mellon's campus Wi-Fi network: Three maps present a view of activity and accessibility across the university's Wi-Fi network. It's a great visualization of how a network is being used presented in a way that a non-technical user can understand. [via Warchalking via Jeff Pittelkau]... [via Wi-Fi Networking News]
7:20:57 PM    

Cooking spam at Comdex

Looks as though a number of companies are showing their spam stuff at Comdex:

Cooking spam at Comdex Dozens of companies at the computing trade show are showing software, services and hardware designed to stem the tide of junk flooding e-mail accounts.[source: CNET - Front Door]
5:49:32 PM    

Monday, November 17, 2003
Google Hype Machine

I definitely agree with John Robb here especially the part I highlighted:

Gates denies Microsoft had talks with Google in any form.  As an officer of the most watched public company in the world, I believe him.  Google's KPCB hype machine must just be clearing its throat for the IPO.  At this point, I distrust Silicon Valley VCs more than Microsoft (by a substantial margin) and have no desire to see the same personalities fleece the investing public one more time. [via John Robb's Weblog]
9:17:16 PM    

IAB's Unscrupulous Statistics

This certainly doesn't surprise me in the slightest. You won't find a more unscrupulous lot of people/companies than you will in the the Internet affiliate/advertising industry.

Lies, Damned Lies, and IAB Statistics
7:29:56 PM    

Friday, November 07, 2003

Excellent article by Clay Shirky:

Shirky Disses Sherlock Holmes, Berners-Lee and the Greeks. Shirky: The Semantic Web, Syllogism, and Worldview - "...the promise of the Semantic Web -- it will improve all the areas of your life where you currently use syllogisms. Which is to say, almost nowhere."  [source: Random Bytes]
10:01:21 PM    

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