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Saturday, April 17, 2004
Who needs SPF, Caller ID or Domain Keys

I've been meaning to write this for many months.

I just don't get what all the fuss is about SMTP authentication that keeps coming up week after week after week. I'm talking about Sender Policy Framwork (SPF), Microsofts Caller ID and Yahoo's Domain Keys (I'm sure there are others - update Apr 22 - Reverse Mail Exchange (RMX)).

We've had an RFC (RFC 2554) for SMTP Authentication for 6 years. You mean to tell me that no SMTP vender has implemented this or that no ISP or anyone else responsible for SMTP servers has enabled it? Somebody please fill me in on this. We don't need SPF, Caller ID or Domain Keys.

I can probably implement RFC 2554 for any SMTP server in about an hour with probably no more than 10 lines of Perl. Yes, I know some smart-ass Perl programmer is going to say they can do it in 1 line of Perl!!

What gives??? What are these SMTP vendors doing??? Does sendmail support this???

Somebody turn on the light. I'm in the freakin dark here.

Update (Apr 19): Another useless article on the matter.

Update (Apr 22): Confusing here whether this is from the respected Jon Udell or not. The actually article he points to is by Paul Boutin. But again, 6 experts asked about this and decent answers (from some of them) but still nothing that answers my question above!!!

12:56:05 AM    

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