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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
e-dreams - the story of (not

For those of you who haven't seen e-dreams (the story of, I recommend checking it out. Its been available on VHS for a few months I think and the DVD is being released June 15th. It is also being played on movie channels from what I've heard. I'd link to the official e-dreams website but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. The director's (Wonsuk Chin) website doesn't seem to exist anymore either. I couldn't be bothered with a VHS copy so I'm waiting for my DVD copy. I lost contact with Wonsuk so never did get a copy.

Its a better movie than if you ask me. was released widely but e-dreams couldn't seem to get any traction.

I saw e-dreams at the premier in New York a few years ago along with the founders and some other ex-Kozmo people. I had talked to Joseph Park and some other founders a number of times before that during Kozmo's rise so it was interesting to meet a few of them in person at the party. While talking to Joseph Park a reporter overheard us and wanted to get a scoop from me about the KoSmo thing. You see, it is a little known fact that most people spell KoSmo with an S. During the KoZmo hayday I'm sure my website received more visitors than they did. You wouldn't believe the number of articles that pointed to the website, the number of emails that were mis-addressed (even from employees within the company who apparently didn't know how to spell their own company name), the number of people who just typed into their browsers and the number of searches that ended up at In fact, its almost 3 years after Kozmo shutdown but the folks still looking for just keep coming. Hence the reason the kosmo website is what it is. One of these days I'll have to do something about it and remove the links and such but I know as soon as I'll be swamped with emails asking where the video rentals are.

Interesting, this is the first time I heard about Cosmoz having a similar problem!! I used to track all kozmo related news in the day so not sure how this one slipped through.

11:26:22 AM    

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