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Friday, May 14, 2004
Moveable Type Licensing Announcement

With the latest announcement of Moveable Type licensing fees (see feedster search) I thought it would be appropriate to announce (earlier than expected) that Kosmo Systems will be offering a blog service of its own very shortly. Unofficially called KosmoBlogs. We aren't ready with the signup process and pricing as of yet but if interested in a free trial please send an email to You can even import your Moveable Type blog.

Following is our current blurbage on KosmoBlogs:

KosmoBlog is the most intuitive weblogging program available! Everything you need to quickly and easily publish online - whether it is pictures, video, documents, opinions or more, is included. KosmoBlog accommodates everyone - from first time bloggers to experts!

There is nothing to install, no HTML to learn or confusing technology to understand. You will easily be able to create photo albums, edit photos, post comments, articles, documents, and more. You can choose from over 20 style templates or if familiar with HTML, you can create your own! It's easy to customize your weblog and have something truly unique and your own.

Key Features Include:

Rich Text Editor - What you see is what you get! KosmoBlog makes publishing easy. When creating your entry, the layout, font type, size and color will publish on the web exactly as you see it on your screen.

Photo Album - Share photos with family, friends and colleagues with KosmoBlog easily! With the photo management tools, you can resize your images, create customized photo albums and keep them all up to date from your desktop, handheld or cell phone.

Privacy - You have total control of who is authorized to view sensitive or confidential information with KosmoBlog's easy to use security tools.

Visitor Interaction - One of the key differences between a weblog and a traditional website is the ability to actively communicate with your visitors. With KosmoBlog your visitors can leave comments and add to the ongoing conversation.

Web Site Statistics - Curious how many people are reading your weblog? KosmoBlog includes a highly detailed statistics report outlining how many visitors you have, how much bandwidth you're using and even what search terms people are using to find your weblog.

Syndication - KosmoBlog automatically generates all of the leading syndication formats. RSS, OPML, OpenReviews and email alerts are KosmoBlog 's simple way of helping you let your readers know when you've added something new to your weblog. No user intervention is required!

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