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Paulo On Podcasting

April 4th, 2005 · No Comments

Paulo sums up what I've been wanting to post about podcasting for a long while:

I'm happy to read that according to Pew 6 million have heard podcasts [via Dan Gillmor], I appreciate the idea and the technology, but the more I hear about them, the more I realize that listening to podcasts is not for me.

In part is a matter of time. Home to office travel time is about 5 minutes, hardly time to listen to anything. I cannot listen to podcasts while I work since they tend to be long and distracting (I do check my aggregator several times a day, but it's a much lower impact activity). I do take a walk almost every day, but I do this with my wife and we talk why we walk.

Over the weekend I did some gardening, I loaded a couple of podcasts that I wanted to hear on my iPod and started working. After a few minutes I switched to music: having somebody chatting about technical stuff while mowing was quite annoying.

I must have the wrong kind of life… 🙂

About the only thing I'd add to this in my opinion is that most (99%) of the podcasts I've listen to are completely and utterly boring. The podcaster needs to be engaging and very interesting to keep my attention. Only Adam Curry and few others have that ability and even then for the same reasons as Paulo I rarely if ever listen to podcasts.

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