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Bill Gates Hasn't Stopped Spam Yet

April 12th, 2005 · No Comments

Good thing I didn't hold my breath as I pointed out here!!

From TechDirt:

Early last year, Bill Gates announced that he was concentrating on the spam problem and had a few ideas on how to stop the problem. Of course, all of those ideas sounded like ideas that others were already trying — and there was still plenty of spam. It's now been a year since Bill Gates said that his methods could get rid of spam in two years and it's not clear if his efforts have done very much. Certainly, Microsoft has been suing spammers, and some claim that the overall amount of spam has been decreasing a bit. However, we're still quite a long way from getting rid of spam — which means the special department at Microsoft whose only job is to manage Bill Gates' spam (even if it's not as much as we were originally told) will probably still have plenty of work to do a year from now.

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