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ARSC (A Really Simple Chat) – Another Web Chat Ajax Type Thing

May 26th, 2005 · No Comments

Another Ajax type web chat has popped up on my radar. Its called ARSC (A Really Simple Chat) and can be found here.

Looks like web chat apps are going to be the thing to do to show off Ajax. Makes sense. Way back a few years ago Brent and I wanted to create something with Brent's JSRS library that we could showcase but we could not came up with anything that was interesting. We had been using JSRS in private projects for some time before this. One day Brent had a need (or want) to communicate with his blog visitors so he started coding (in an evening or something like 48 hour time frame) what turned into BlogChat eventually. It was way crazy the first couple of days as the word spread through the blogosphere. At one point I was sitting in the chat while tons of people dropped in giving feedback as Brent hammered out some small bugs and tweaked things here and there. It was essentially a 48 hour beta period. Crazy times.

BTW, for those who don't know JSRS (Javascript Remote Scripting) uses Ajax techniques (just 2-3 years before the name was coined).

I'll let Brent add some comments here and potentially point to some interesting blog posts from those crazy days.

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