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AJAX Fairy Dust

January 18th, 2006 · No Comments

I'm getting really really tired of seeing everything hyped up and sprinkled with AJAX fairy dust. I've been tired of it for about 8 months now but haven't brought myself to blog about it so here it goes.

If your only claim to fame for your website is the fact that it is using AJAX, then as far as I'm concerned, you are a few years behind. You're not impressing me. You're not impressing anyone that has been doing this for years. You're not doing anything new. You're using what I would consider current web development methods. Nothing else. Nothing special. Nothing new. Nothing to talk about. Nothing to hype. Nothing to obtain funding about. Nothing interesting. Nothing earth shattering. Nothing intelligent. Nothing but a programming technique that is as common place as a “Hello World” program written in BASIC.

Lets get it straight, AJAX is just a programming technique that any joe blow developer/programmer should use when appropriate. It is nothing else. If you are a developer thinking that you're the brainiest guy on the planet because you use AJAX, think again. You're just about ready to turn into a fossil.

Having said all that I'm moving onto Web 3.0 with Zeldman. Anyone else with me? Web 2.0 has gone the way of the dinosaur.

Then again, if I'm looking for funding for a project I'll sprinkle my AJAX fairy dust and Web 2.0 potion on it just in case a VC gets a whiff of the dust or a taste of the potion and is taken by its spell.

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