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Banning Scary Toy Guns

February 17th, 2006 · No Comments

Due to all the gun violence around the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) there is discussion going on about banning toy guns. Read the article from the Toronto star here.

Lets analyse this for 2 seconds and see how ridiculous this is. They have this all backwards. They are going to stop kids from playing cops and robbers in their backyards but let folks over 18 walk around with these guns!!!! How does that make sense??

All the talk is about how this gun play while growing up leads to violence later in life. Same arguments that are made with violent TV shows and video games.

Well, I played cops and robbers when I was a kid and saw my fair share of violent movies and played enough violent video games. It has never ever lead me to go out and get a gun and shoot somebody.

Why don't we ban baseball bats and hockey sticks while we're at it. A baseball bat is a pretty common weapon in mobster movies and TV shows (ever watch the Sopranos?). I've never had the desire to mash someone's head in with a baseball bat. Even with a hockey stick I know better than to use it as a weapon even in a hockey game.

I can go on but its a waste of my time so I'll leave it at this.

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