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Look In The Mirror Dave Winer

March 16th, 2006 · No Comments

An excellent post by James Robertson:

Looks like Rogers Cadenhead has found the dark side of Dave Winer – in the form of a “cease and desist” letter sent from an attorney Winer has retained. This is how Dave treats his erstwhile friends; it's not hard to figure out why fewer and fewer people can work with him. With respect to this “oh, it's hard to be Dave” post, Winer needs to buy a mirror. Every time he wonders why people dislike him, he can go have a look in it.

Oh, and to be extra clear – I take back every disdainful thing I ever said about Atom. The people involved in that effort knew about Dave, and I didn't. The whole thing makes a heck of a lot more sense now.

I knew within 5 minutes of meeting Dave Winer face to face that he would be an extremely difficult person to work with and deal with. It was very odd to me that most of the other people in the room seemed to be completely in awe of the guy. I just sat there shaking my head silently thinking “is this guy for real” (perhaps it was the virtual Dave that I met that day).

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