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David Blaine Stunt Scam

May 9th, 2006 · No Comments

I like some of Blaine's street magic and his previous stunts were interesting if nothing more than physical endurance or some sort of grand magic trick. With Blaine you could never tell, until now. I'm pretty sure this whole underwater thing and trying for the world record was completely setup and planned from beginning till end. It is just a huge promotional thing with no magic involved and not much of a physical feat either.

At least it is more interesting than David Copperfield's completely fake big magic tricks that are nothing more than camera tricks with a complete shill audience. Does anybody really question why there were only about a dozen people to witness live the disappearance of the statue of liberty? Come on, what a joke. Same thing for the plane. Dumb.

Here are reasons why this thing was completely setup:

1. The announcer points out very quickly after they hooked up the chains that they are unexpectedly heavier than they thought and it might cause problems for Blaine being able to come up for air or some such nonsense. First of all, any preparation for this kind of thing would have gone through about 100 trials beforehand. No way this would come up as a surprise and no way the announcer would key into it within seconds of putting the chains on.

2. Just seconds before “trouble” starts, the announcer just happens to mention that if we see bubbles that will indicate a problem. The announcer again says, “we're watching for bubbles”.

3. Seconds after watching for bubbles their is a convenient black-out of the broadcast while the announcer is announcing there is trouble, there are bubbles, blah blah blah.

4. Why do the divers have to make a dramatic rescue anyway? He used a breathing device for days under there. Why not throw that on his face instead of going through the whole routine of getting him free of the chains. Or, you would think they would have a nice release valve at the bottom that would drain the water in a few seconds in case of an emergency. But having divers jump in and struggle makes things that much more interesting.

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