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Rogers Cable Internet Update #32

June 12th, 2004 · No Comments

As a followup to this the connection was up for only 30 minutes and has been down ever since and still down. Called in again to see what is happening on the open ticket. This time the rep (Walter) said he doesn't really see any updates on the ticket whatsoever but he isn't sure he can see all the items on it. Either the last rep was lying about work being underway (most likely) or this guy really can't view what he should be able to view. He said he would put a note on the ticket for someone to call me back. I've had this done about 5 times before and have never received a callback so I've demanded that they find out right now by contacting whoever they need to, to find out what is going on.

I was still able to get to the first router that entire time but now that I've reset the modem (still connects and comes online) I can't get an IP address.

The rep came back after speaking to his supervisor and said that he found out it is a wiring problem and that Futureway (the great morons) are working on it. I was also given the old line that I can call Futureway (1-877-722-2537) to see what is going on. I've been down that road about 10 times before and it usually doesn't lead anywhere. I don't see why, as a Rogers customer, I have to do their work for them and get their subcontractors (who they own 50% of) to work on a problem.

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