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My Vote For Quote Of The Year

January 1st, 2007 · No Comments

As with Ross, I rarely blog about politics and crapola like this but I found his quote to potentially be the quote of the year for 2006 when describing Sadam Hussein:

“He was,” I finished. “As ruthless and terrible as Hitler, but far less successful.”

And then Ross went on to say:

I'm blogging this because I think that we've lost sight of something
important. Somewhere along the way, Bush's atrocities have take a more
prominent place in our minds. Bush is guilty of his own sins, and the
world will be a better place when he is out of office, but I don't
think he deserves to be deposed and hung either. Saddam Hussein was not
the pathetic old man hiding in a spider hole that we've come to
remember him as. He was a tyrannical despot that deserved to die.

The world is a better place without him.

What I find highly ironic here is that Bin Laden was adament about leading a jihad against the Iragis and oust Sadam with his so called Islamic army after the invasion of Kuwait. When Bin Laden's ridiculous plan was rejected by the Saudi Defense Ministry, and American forces were brought in, I think this was the turning point in Bin Laden's view of the US and the beginnings of a very radical Bin Laden. This is from my understanding of reading “Ghost Wars” (end of Chapter 11).

Maybe they should have let Bin Laden go ahead but who knows of his real intentions. Look what happened with the rise of the Talaban in Afghanistan. Not to say that Bin Laden was fully responsible for that but it seems he had some sort of hand in it.

For those of you who mainly make up their views on all this political crapola on either side of the fence from the mainstream (propoganda) press, I highly recommend reading a book like “Ghost Wars” to really get a feel for how grey these issues really are.

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