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Heads Or Tails?

January 13th, 2007 · 1 Comment

What is it with the fascination of that TV game show “Deal or No Deal”? Is North America really reduced to this level of mindless television? Is there anything remotely interesting about this show? I was able to stomach approximately 5 minutes of this show before vowing never to watch it again. How is it so popular? Mind you I watch as little TV as possible and there are times I like to completely unplug my brain and stare at the tube but even then I don't think I could watch “Deal or No Deal” ever again. What is the appeal?

Having said all that, if people are looking for this type of mindless game show then  I have a great idea. Lets simplify things even more. Make it even more mindless. Lets make the choice dead simple. Heads or Tails? Thats it. No boxes to chose from, no phone calls, no nothing. Just start out at $100 and the contestant picks Heads or Tails. Flip a coin. You either win or lose. Perfect. If you win, you increase the dollar amount to the next level and the contestant can take the money and run or continue. And then the all important decision once again. Heads or Tails. This continues all the way to a million dollar prize.

Ok, thats my idea. I'll sit back and wait for one of the networks to contact me now and by this time next year I'll be rolling in the dough with the most popular game show on TV!!!!

Update (Feb 23, 2008): Since this post there is some odd phenomena of comedians hosting game shows. I guess some genius moron producer thought, if Deal or No Deal can be so popular with a comedian hosting then it must mean we can throw any comedian a game show and it will sky rocket. Just off the top of my head, we have 1 vs 100 with Bob Saget hosting, The Price Is Right with Drew Carey and Amnesia with Denis Miller (I'm sure I'm missing a bunch).

I'm going to see if Seinfeld would like to host Heads Or Tails. Without a doubt it would be the #1 show!!!! Or better yet, Howard Stern since he seems to want to host a real simple game show.

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