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Dave Still Doesn't Get It

January 24th, 2007 · No Comments

Dave says that most RSS readers are wrong. Well, I hate to tell him that he is wrong. He'd never understand that but it is just plain true.

Dave still doesn't understand that people have different ways of working and different views. I used a river of news view with his Radio Userland product many moons ago for who can remember how long. I hated the fact that I was tied to one way of reading news and had less than zero options to change things. At least other RSS readers (I'm sure Dave hasn't looked at one) do things in many different ways and allow one to view news in the way they like and NOT how Dave thinks everyone should.

Stop crying me a river.

Update: Just found this here:

For something to be wrong, there must, neccessarily, be something that is right. When Dave says that RSS Readers Are Designed Wrong, he implies that there is a right way to design them, and the lack of qualifiers and means that there is one
right way. Unfortunately, Dave contradicts his own theory in the second
line of his post when he says “One of the first rules of software
design is also the primary rule of business — ‘The user is always

Repeat after me Dave, “The USER is always right, the USER is always right, the USER is always right ……..”

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