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Apple iTunes And Amazon Unbox For Movies And TV’s

July 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

I’ve tried both of these services with my media PC and they both completely fail in the video output department. Note, this isn’t a Windows Media PC OS, its a plain Windows XP OS that I have setup the way I like to play media (audio through to the stereo equipment and video through to the TV).

The problem with both of these services is that their video players are broken or don’t play nicely with the OS/graphics card like any other standard video player. That is, I have the media PC setup so that the TV is a secondary monitor. Any useful video software will just magically use the secondary display as the output without messing up the primary display. Both run at completely different resolutions. I don’t have to adjust my media PC screen resolution to be the same as the TV and then run things in fullscreen and mirror the display which is what you would have to do with iTunes and Unbox.

That makes iTunes Movies and Unbox and likely Amazon’s latest streaming offering completely useless to me and I would guess a majority of other folks as well.

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