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Call Forwarding still sucks decades later

July 1st, 2004 · No Comments

Its approximately 16 years later and I still can't forward my own phone from remote.

Lets go back into the past those many years ago when I worked for Bell Northern Research (BNR). For those of you unfamiliar with the company BNR, they were the research arm of Northern Telecom (Northern Electric before that). Northern Telecom (NT) was primarily the manufacturing arm. BNR and NT have basically merged and are now known as Nortel Networks.

While working there I would be the geek trying to use all the phone features. I can't even remember all the names and features anymore. I'd often find myself on the other side of the massive lab (we're talking probably a football field away) wanting to forward my phone to where I was working. When asking why it wasn't possible and when it would be programmed into the system to forward the phone from remote I got the usual “why would you want to ever do that” stare.

Now back to the future. I'm sitting here with a broken cell phone that has a call forwarding feature on it. Believe it or not, but in this day and age, I still can't forward the phone by calling into the system and telling the damn phone network where to forward the calls. I can set a number of other useless options but not this important feature. It seems the only way to do this still is by having access to the damn device itself. Well, that ain't going to happen cause its toast. It doesn't work at all.

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