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New Apple iTouch

September 9th, 2008 · No Comments

New iTouch

New iTouch

Great, 9 days after I purchased my iTouch, Apple announces a new one. I should be able to return mine however to get the new one. In my previous post I mentioned the only negative I had about the device, however in the meantime, I found another very annoying problem with the device. And that was lack of easy volume and pause / play features without navigating around the touch screen. Anyone that walks around a city knows that you need to adjust the volume quite a bit due to different noise levels either along a busy street, in a store, etc. etc. On a Nano, with its scroll, wheel this is easy to do without looking at it. I can even use the scroll wheel through the fabric of my pants pocket. This is impossible to do on the iTouch until now. Or at least it will be a bit easier with physical volume controls on the side like the iPhone has always had (as far as I know).

I hope that it also has a pause / play button but I haven’t read anything about that.

There is a new OS version but I don’t see any mention of running multiple apps at the same time. We’ll see when more details come out.

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