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Google Wave Will Make A Big Splash

May 29th, 2009 · No Comments

I’ve been reading what I can about Google Wave and it looks to have some really nice features for collaboration on so many different levels. I’ve missed a real collaboration tool since Groove was purchased by Microsoft. I used to use Groove on a daily basis with a number of different people and different projects to collaborate effectively. The problem we always had with Groove was that its data store was proprietary and it was difficult to get things out of it when needed. When Microsoft purchased Groove Networks things seem to stagnate and we stopped using it regularly to the point where I only open it maybe once or twice a year for the past few years. For all I know Microsoft has made some improvements to it in their 2007 version but I never bothered looking. It just became an old rusty tool we no longer bothered to want to use again. The only reason I still keep it around is I have data in there I reference every now and again. Somehow I have to extract it and uninstall that application!!

I think Google Wave will definitely pickup where Groove left off. The fact that it will be an open system is fantastic. The reason they are announcing it early is that they want developers to start creating apps with their API for it now so that a ton of stuff is available for when it is released.

You can get an idea of how I guess folks can add on to Wave through the API during their demo of spell checking, linking and searching. They may have just redefined how spell checking works as well. Basically it looks at your potential spelling mistake by the context of the word. Very nice.

Alexander van Elsas has a good list called “10 reasons why Google just reinvented online communication“. Check it out.

This presentation is well worth watching from Google IO even though it is over an hour long.

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