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Foursquare Fail While Google Buzzing

February 10th, 2010 · No Comments

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post about Foursquare for ages but today seems like a good time considering Google Buzz may have just killed it. I’ve read far too many positive reviews on Foursquare over the past month and couldn’t understand where these people were coming from as I’ve attempted to use the app over that time period and it seemed obvious to me that either they never used the app or were paid to write glowing reviews and talk positively about it.

Foursquare doesn’t do much right and there are basically a handful of people using it (at least close to me). I thought, ok, perhaps it just hasn’t taken flight in my area. But after trying Google Buzz (mobile edition), it is obvious that was not the case. In less than 24 hours I see a massive number of Buzz users in my area vs. Foursquare. In a month there are seriously maybe a handful of people that have used Foursquare with nothing worthwhile posted at that (I can go into detail but it isn’t worth my time). With Google Buzz, I’ve seen hundreds of posts already with useful feedback and chat going on.

Can you say this is the end of Foursquare? Definitely. I would bet that those who wrote glowing reviews on Foursquare are now writing some negative things about Google Buzz. If so, you definitely know their hands were greased.

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