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August 20th, 2004 · No Comments

From Roland Tanglao comes Chatango:

Inspired by Joi Ito, I added Chatango. So far so good. Looks to be BlogChat on steroids. Chat with me (if you dare)!

If I recall correctly Roland was one of our first 10 BlogChat users.

We initially thought of doing BlogChat in Flash but decided to keep it even more lightweight and again to not require anything other than a plain old browser. Plus there were all kinds of Flash chat programs already available some 2 or so years ago that it didn't seem that interesting or unique. I will admit though that you can get a much nicer experience with Flash.

Haven't been able to checkout Chatango since nobody I can find with it is online. I can't be bothered to set it up myself right now but probably will at some point.

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