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Microsoft’s New Gravity Defying Magnesium

October 16th, 2012 · No Comments

Breaking News!! Microsoft invented a new type of magnesium that is lighter than actual Magnesium according to some PR bullshit:

At 1.5 pounds, the Surface isn’t the lightest 10-inch tablet. It’s not even the thinnest, at 0.37 inches. Still, Microsoft claims that it feels lighter than other 1.5-pound devices, partly because it’s made of magnesium, and partly because the battery is evenly spread inside the chassis, making for some more balanced weight distribution (from Engadget)

If you remove the PR bullshit filter what this really means is that it feels flimsy and cheap compared to decent tablets.

I like this post by Tom Reestman:

Remember, 1.5 pounds of magnesium feels lighter than 1.5 pounds of aluminum or plastic. But Microsoft engineers are working hard to make their next-generation tablets feel as light as 1.5 pounds of feathers. :-/

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