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NewsBlur vs Feedly – Let the RSS Reader Wars Begin

June 5th, 2013 · No Comments

Since Google announced shutting down Google Reader I’ve been looking for a new news reader that fits my needs. I’ve been using Feedly for a month or more. Although the iOS app is pretty decent the web based experience is terrible. The only way to use it is through some Chrome extension. Its terrible and basically I don’t use it.

The iOS app is decent enough but it is missing a key feature I use all the time. Its a simple one. The ability to “mark all as read” for a particular folder/group. Without it, Feedly just won’t work for me. In the meantime I’ve been switching to the Google Reader interface to do that function but that won’t be possible when it dies for good.

I would figure that simple stuff like this would be fixed in the last two months but doesn’t seem like much is happening on the client side with Feedly which doesn’t give me a good feeling moving forward with them. My guess is they are spending a lot of time on the back-end though and ignoring all this client side stuff. That is all great I’m sure but right now its the client side I need working right.

I just checked out Newsblur and it looks really good. The web based client seems to work really well and mirrors the Google Reader keys so its really easy to use if you are familiar with them. The iPad app also looks really good.

I am just waiting now to be able to import all my feeds into it to test it fully and I’ll likely be paying the $2/month for the service if I really like what I see.

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