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End Of The Internet As We Know It

January 19th, 2014 · No Comments

Given the recent NSA revelations it seems appropriate to now discuss the end of the Internet as we know it and talk about building the new Internet. Calling it Internet 3.0 or something like that doesn’t sound right. We just need a new name. Perhaps UltraNet, MeshNet or OurNet.

Everything on this new OurNet will / should be controlled by end users. We can’t trust governments or corporations to do the right thing.

Net Neutrality is basically dead given the recent ruling in the US. Here is an article on why you need to care about Net Neutrality (or NOT). There is likely no fixing it so lets just forget about it as it will become irrelevant on the new OurNet.

The new OurNet will NOT be accessed through the ISP’s of today or likely any ISP’s at all. Likely it will be based on some sort of wireless mesh network. Likely everything will be encrypted on the new OurNet perhaps something like the TOR network. Currently we are seeing a flood of products and services coming out with encryption for the current Internet. But on this new network this will likely not be necessary as the network itself will be fully secure and encrypted. Although I guess we will see how it develops.

I’m not sure what DNS and Domain registration will look like on the new OurNet. I think they will probably look entirely different than they are now or just be completely different or not required. Again, I’ll be interested to see what develops in this area.

Update Mar 23, 2013: Little did I know that Apple has such a framework for this type of network in iOS7. See this Cult Of Mac article.

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