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Mail Cruncher is a bit crunchy

October 7th, 2004 · No Comments

This news is a bit old because I haven't been following the spam industry as close as I normally do lately.

Anyway, it seems Mail Cruncher's internation team has taken 3 years to come up with what looks very similar to techniques already in use for some time to fight spam. To base their whole offering on this seems dangerous to me.

I'm getting tired of saying it but SimpleFilter has been using something very similar for a very long time. And of course it is only a very small piece of everything we use in the fight against spam.

The press release is here along with a quote:

Spammers tend to hide and move; legitimate business senders tend to be stable and clearly identifiable. This common-sense observation was the basis for work done by an international team over the past three years. Led by Ms. Lorenzen, the team's work culminated in the creation of a business trust rating database for email called the Outbound Index.

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