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A Tesla Against Every Possible Odd

August 30th, 2017 · No Comments

An open letter to Elon Musk and Tesla:

I’m determined to buy a Tesla as I believe in the company and its mission.

However, here is what I’m up against:

  1. I currently rent a condo and no way to charge daily overnight. Very long story but I worked with the building management, city regulators, Tesla electrician, proposed to my landlord that I’d pay for the electrical install, pay for any insurance, etc etc but in the end the landlord was not interested.
  2. There is only ONE supercharger in Toronto. I think there used to be a 2nd one but its not available to the public any longer.
  3. I don’t know if it would be feasible to use the supercharger say once a week or every two weeks. Would love to somehow try this out but not getting anywhere with local Tesla sales people. They don’t seem to understand my problem and potential workaround.
  4. I have put a deposit on a Model 3 but looked at leasing a Model S in the meantime. This option doesn’t seem feasible as Tesla sales do not seem to want to be accommodating whatsoever in this area in terms of ending the lease when the 3 arrives and such. I couldn’t get them to even think about these possibilities let alone being able to work something out.
  5. I thought of buying a pre-owned Model S and selling it when my 3 arrives but not sure if this is a wise decision or cost effective. Not to mention most of the pre-owned models I’ve seen lack the latest technology so it would be kind of disappointing.
  6. Just buy a Model S outright and forget the 3. I can afford it but I am adverse to spending a lot of money on cars. My current car was purchased for just under $30,000 and it is going on its 18th year.
  7. I need a car soon so I need something in the meantime. If Tesla options are out until the 3 is delivered I have no idea how long to lock into a lease for. 1, 2 or 3 years? I’m pretty sure its not going to be more than 2 at this point.

With all of these stumbling blocks I am determined to owning a Tesla as soon as I can but for the time being I’m in a holding pattern unfortunately.

UPDATE (Nov 17, 2017): Here is an article on blogTO titled “Toronto not making it easy to own an electric car”.

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