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Asterisk And Telemarketers

February 16th, 2005 · No Comments

I've been messing around (and doing a bit of consulting) with the open source PBX Asterisk for a number of months now. Just found a great telemarketer torture script that whirls the telemarketer through a million menu options and sub menu options etc. Just classic stuff. The author doesn't seem to have a link to anything other than the actual sound files but I found the script here.

You bet I'll be implementing this and when I answer a telemarketer call I'll just tell them to hold for a second while I transfer the call over to this!!!

You can hear it by calling 631.903.6963 631.492.3926. I'll likely leave it up for a few weeks unless it starts to cause a burden on the server. If you get some sort of Stanaphone voicemail prompt, hang up and try again as that means its not properly connecting to Asterisk.

Note that some of the recordings are supposed to be garbled and lousy but I'm not sure just yet how much is due to potential bandwidth limitations. I'd actually like the recordings to be clear so that the telemarketer listens intently and keeps pressing menu options all day long.

If you have Stanaphone (even the free version) you should be able to call the above number for free.

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