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Monday, March 31, 2003
BitTorrent Red Hat 9 Download
A great use for BitTorrent. I tried downloading Mandrake 9.1 today but gave up as every single mirror site I tried was either not allowing access due to too many users or were too damn busy that the download would have taken days. Is Mandrake available over BitTorrent?
Red Hat 9. Red Hat 9 was released today with not too many changes from 8.0. The fastest way to download it appears to be via BitTorrent. [Hack the Planet]
11:55:41 PM    

Friday, March 28, 2003

Good point:
I DO KNOW ONE THING THOUGH: One lesson of the ferocity of the Saddamite resistance is surely this: who now could possibly, conceivably believe that this brutal police state would ever, ever have voluntarily disarmed? Would a regime that is forcing conscripts to fight at gun-point have caved to the terrifying figure of Hans Blix, supported by the even more itimidating vision of Dominique de Villepin? I'd say that one clear lesson of the first week is that war was and is the only mechanism that could have effectively disarmed Saddam. If true disarmament was your goal, it seems to me that the inspections regime has been revealed, however well-intentioned, as hopelessly unsuited to staring down a vicious totalitarian system. [Andrew Sullivan]
11:18:54 AM    

Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Embedded Reporter Rules Changing
Seems that the embedded reporting rules have changed somewhat. Since seeing Walter Rogers with the 7th Cavalry charging across the desert live for 3 hours over video phone and also seeing a live battle with Marines and a British embedded reporter for 4 hours over a live satellite link in Umm Qasr I haven't seen anything like it since. There are small live update reports and very small taped action but nothing like what we saw more than 3 days ago.
12:40:27 PM    

Monday, March 24, 2003
Russian Equipment in IRAQ

Now we know what Russia didn't want the US to find in IRAQ. If they can be believed it seems like they may not have sold the equipment directly to IRAQ but perhaps turned a blind eye selling it to a 3rd country who then sold it to IRAQ.

The US official said that US intelligence found that the electronic signal emitted by Iraq's jamming system was specific to the system sold by Aviaconversiya

Thats pretty specific. See the article here.

2:02:21 PM    

Wednesday, March 19, 2003
On The Bandwagon to War With IRAQ

I find it interesting that every time I turn to the news yet more countries are jumping on the War with IRAQ bandwagon. Are they all finally waking up or did they read my post on the Tony Blair speech! There are now more countries that back this war than backed the 1991 Gulf War. Unfortunately Canada is not one of these countries.

On another front, it is also unfortunate that Canada is very slow at recognizing the terrorism threat in general. Canada has largely done nothing other than what we are forced to do in tightening up the borders with the US. No wonder this country is a hotbed for terrorist cells. The government is too weak to do anything about it. One day they will wake up and smell the coffee but I hope it isn't too late. Its not a great day to be Canadian. (Update: at least someone has a clue)

And for those of you who are using French logic to show that Europe is largely opposed to the war, read Andrew Sullivan's comments.

7:20:52 PM    

Tony Blair's speech to the House Of Commons

Tony Blair's speech to the House Of Commons (March 18, 2003) is an absolute must read. He lays down the reasons Saddam is going to be disarmed by force. There are a number of excellent quotes but I won't bother to mention them here as the speech should be read in its entirety. Here it is.

2:28:27 AM    

Sunday, March 16, 2003
Disarm Saddam Very Soon
Based on what Bush, Blair and Jose Maria Aznar said during this press conference
after their mini-summit, it sounds to me that war is going to start tomorrow or
declared to start within a few days. What they are really doing is giving the
UN an ultimatum rather than Saddam.
2:27:26 PM    

Friday, March 14, 2003
Feedster For Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toobar

I've added Feedster searching for Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar.

The search is provided here in the form of an XML file that you just drop in the searches directory. For more info on how to add searches if you don't know already see the help file with the tool.

If you are unfamiliar with Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar its an absolute must have utility on Windows.

12:30:46 PM    

Just about everyone else has already blogged the fact that we (Brent Ashley, Doc Searls, Tara Cleveland, Michael O'Conner Clarke, Joey deVilla (The Accordian Guy), and a couple guys from Tucows (one of whom was Ross) met at The Academy of Spherical Arts tonight (or make that last night now).

1:19:49 AM    

Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Violation of the United Nations Charter
James is correct. I guess the UN will make empty threats if the US violates the UN Charter if they fail to win the approval of the UN Security Council.
One Nation Under Whom?. New York Times: "Secretary General Kofi Annan warned today that if the United States fails to win approval from the Security Council for an attack on Iraq, Washington's decision to... [snellspace]
2:18:02 PM    

Monday, March 10, 2003
100,000 Inspectors

Not that I'm against the war with IRAQ immediately (since IRAQ has had approx. 12 years to comply), but what about this proposal? It should placate the people who think more inspectors on the ground will be enough. Since there are more than 100,000 troops in the region at the moment, why not make them all inspectors right now and allow them to roam IRAQ freely looking for any weapons etc. that IRAQ is not supposed to have. Destroy them and show the world why IRAQ needs to be cleaned up.

I know this may be a ridiculous proposal but it isn't any more ridiculous than other peaceful non-resolutions to this mess.

9:39:02 AM    

Wednesday, March 05, 2003
Free Siebel Upgrade - sure - wink wink

It seems like Rick Broley from Siebel is spewing absolute garbage. Here is a quote from this news article:

"Siebel released an update to its financial services applications in 2001 that incorporated many of Janna's features. The company charges no additional software license fees to upgrade from the Janna system to that product, Broley said. Siebel also offers tools to move data from one system to the other free of charge, he said."

Apparently Siebel must spell FREE with a great number of 0's on the end. I seem to recall very clearly that in trying to work with Siebel last year in upgrading a client from Janna that we were looking at a 6 figure FREE upgrade for a small 10-20 client shop. We looked at ways of cutting costs etc. and one way was to do the conversion of the data ourselves. If I recall, unless we paid something in the neighborhood of $25,000 to become Siebel certified, we could not do the data conversion and still fall under the Siebel license or support agreement or some such thing. In other words, if we did the work ourselves to migrate the data (which is not rocket science) we would not be supported anymore by Siebel.

I'm sure you can guess what the client did. They decided to go with a paid product instead of the so called FREE upgrade from Siebel.

11:48:36 AM    

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