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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
bloglines email aggregation

Very interesting feature released yesterday. Instead of using for throw-away email addresses I can now use bloglines and I'll get emails aggregated right into my reader. Not only that but I can now have my mailing lists thrown over to my aggregator. Nice. Here is the quote from their announcement and the link here:

Today we launched a new feature called Email Subscriptions. You can create an unlimited number of email subscriptions. Each subscription is like a normal subscription in your My Blogs page, except that each one has a unique Bloglines email address associated with it. When email is sent to one of these email addresses, it shows up in your My Blogs page. Emails are not viewable by other Bloglines users, and when you unsubscribe from an email subscription, the associated email address becomes invalid.

Email subscriptions are great for announce-only or broadcast mailing lists that don't provide RSS feeds. They are also useful as temporary email addresses.

8:35:43 AM    

Friday, December 19, 2003
Google Search Capabilities

I'm not at all excited about the new Google Search capabilites as a number of people have been raving about lately. For the past year or two I've been using Dave's Quick Search TaskBar Toolbar that is available on my desktop and provides about 200 different search functions and utilities (stuff like any type of conversion you can think of, calculator, alarms and timers to name a few). You name a search and I'm sure its already been included. And it is a snap to add your own custom searches (like I have for feedster and arin whois searches). Why would one want to goto Google for these functions or worse, have hokey Google or Yahoo toolbar.

I've written about this utility before here and here.

10:08:58 PM    

Monday, December 15, 2003
Saddam not willing to die for his cause

Terrorists, thugs etc. who work for organizations such as Saddam's should take one thing away from the capture of Saddam without a fight to the death or without Saddam killing himself. That is, that your leaders certainly aren't willing to die for their cause so why should you.

This will be proven again when Bin Laden is found cowering in his own hole somewhere and taken alive.

9:12:28 AM    

Wednesday, December 10, 2003
SimpleFilter Announces Corporate Spam Identification Service

Over at SimpleFilter we've announced our Corporate Spam Identification Service. We've been operating it for about a month now but decided to make the announcement official today. SimpleFilter is now comprised of a SMTP and POP3 service for both corporate and individual users:

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO - December 10, 2003 - SimpleFilter (URL: announced today the implementation of their corporate spam identification service, complementing their recently announced end-user SimpleFilter service.

SimpleFilter's Corporate service includes onsite or offsite deployment of their highly accurate spam recognition engine along with monitoring, reporting and updates. Based on SMTP, SimpleFilter's Corporate service is compatible with any internet-connected mail system and is modular and scalable to suit organizations of any size.

For the full news release click here.

4:09:08 PM    

Thursday, December 04, 2003
Aggregating and Blogging

I've been slowing looking at alternatives to Userland Radio for both blogging and news aggregation. I think Radio under the hood is really powerful but there is such a steep learning curve to do anything including even very basic stuff that it just is too much of a burden to bother with. Not to mention that the docs are pretty much non-existent. Its also difficult to find an aggregator that works as nicely as Radio if you like reading news in a single pane sort of fashion (unlike most of the desktop aggregators that provide usually a 3 pane view of sorts). The most important feature to me however is to be able to read news from a number of different computers without necessarily installing any desktop software. Hence has been getting most of my attention lately. I've been using it for the past week as my aggregator and I've grown to like it pretty quickly. As long as I have a net connection (which is about 99.9% of the time) I can get to my news from any browser anywhere. I do have to say though that if one is looking for a desktop aggregator Newz Crawler is definitely worth checking on for Windows and NetNewsWire for OSX.

On the blogging side of things Radio is just too much overhead and way too much pain to customize in any sort of way. So I'm leaning towards Moveable Type (which I've messed around with slightly in the last year or so) and more recently BlogWare. BlogWare is done by the smart folks at TuCows and really has some nice features. Now, finding the time to jump ship and make sure this blog still works is a whole other story. I'm torn on whether to leave this site intact and just start a new one or figure out a way to migrate everything from Radio to something new and still have all the old links work etc.

12:03:14 AM    

Monday, December 01, 2003
I can hear the sounds of Mandrake on the move following in Knoppix footsteps (knock knock knock). I'm sure I'll be playing around with this CD-bootable Linux version of Mandrake soon enough. Might even get me to buy one of those little USB keychain thingies. Not that I really care to have one unless they are next to nothing or someone gives me one.
8:12:29 PM    

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