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Linksys Redeemed – Sort Of

June 9th, 2004 · No Comments

Well, its time to update the Linksys thread here. Last week I called Sam back to report that the new router exhibits the same behavior and wanted to give him some feedback on what I tried etc. Never heard back from him.

This week I'm having troubles with a different Linksys product (a wireless router / AP). The wireless component to it just seems to have stopped working. The actual WLAN Link light does not light up which indicates the wireless component is disabled. It seemed to start doing this a few days ago after running fine for at least 6 months. I'd unplug the unit and it would work wirelessly for about 2 minutes. The longer I unplugged the longer it would work but today the light won't come on at all and no wireless whatsoever.

I've tried a ton of different things including firmware changes, different channels, different WEP settings, different SSIDs. You name it. Also tried resetting the router to factory default and no go.

At least this time I was able to get a tech on the online chat and he pretty much said I tried everything I could and to go through the RMA process. I have to check my records but I'm pretty sure this unit has already been replaced once. I've had so many different replacement units for different Linksys products I have around here that I'm starting to loose track and faith.

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