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Rogers Cable Internet Update #30

June 10th, 2004 · No Comments

Internet connection was completely down from 1:30am to 3:10am today and has been toast since 7am till now (10:30am). Actually within those outages I can reach the first router with about 50% packet loss but nothing beyond that.

I called in to try to get an update on the open ticket. At first I couldn't get nowhere until I pressed to find out what was going on with the ticket. Initially she said they were working on it until I press some more then she came back saying they made a note on the ticket at 8am this morning that it is a noise issue on the line. Really, I could have told you that 2 years ago.

You would think they could look at the history of this area and see that over the past two years there has been a noise issue affecting the area at least 40 times since they wired this area. I'm not exaggerating with that number either. In fact it is probably on the low side. Every single time there has been an issue with connectivity here it has been a noise issue out on the street or in their shack. I'll take a drive out there later and see if someone is actually working on this. I somehow doubt it.

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