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Bloglines New Look

July 7th, 2004 · No Comments

Just fired up Bloglines and all of a sudden I'm hit with a new look and feel. Not sure I like it but maybe it is just a matter of getting used to it. Bloglines has always continuously added useful features but it looks like with this one someone came in and said this looks too plain, we've got to jazz it up and make it look slick. I liked it plain and lean. Now its got the kindergarten Windows XP feel to everything. Bigger fonts, unnecessary tabs, hokey colors that don't do anything for me etc. Be nice if I could at least configure a few things like fonts and colors.

We'll see how it goes but so far its damn annoying. Maybe I”ll load up the iPAQ version of the page on the desktop from now on.

Update: No more than an hour after my post I see this as part of the Bloglines announcement:

Update: We've already received some great feedback. One thing we'd like to mention is that we will be adding back the font size preference. Until then, both IE and Mozilla provide the ability to change the font size of a given page. Look in the View menu of your browser to set this.

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