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UseBestMail Sounds Useless To Me

July 14th, 2004 · No Comments

Maybe I'm just thick but I don't see how UseBestMail helps anyone in the fight against spam. All it does is prevent myself from sending spam from my own email client. Unless of course everyone on the planet is using UseBestMail and all SMTP servers are validating stamps which just isn't going to happen.

The Long And Short of It UseBestMail relies on a remote computer we operate to issue stamps that attach to and validate the email you send out and receive from others. To get free stamps your email software has to pause after sending each email. To send stamped email without the pause, one has to purchase stamps. Most people will use the service free of charge, since the pause between emails is small, not even noticeable for small volumes of mail. Large volume mailers, however, will find the delays are a problem. They will purchase stamps as a means of avoiding the delay and sending their email through a spam-free channel. Spammers are defeated because the cost of stamps makes their business unprofitable and the delay (that increases as the volume of mail sent increases) makes sending large amounts of mail impractical. This is the Delay or Pay system.

Disclaimer: I'm a co-founder of SimpleFilter.

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