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Mediathink White Paper – RSS: The Web's Next Big Thing?

July 20th, 2004 · No Comments

Mediathink has a White Paper on RSS. Everyday RSS is becoming more and more mainstream. Good reason to get yourself a KosmoBlog.

RSS is in its infancy–the earliest stage of its adoption–but the velocity and mass of its adoption confirms it to be one of the most important developments in the distribution of media content in a number of years. We strongly believe that RSS is the web's Next Big Thing. It is potentially most disruptive to email and applications relying on email, though it is important to understand that RSS is not at all likely to replace email. New media rarely ever replace old. Indeed some RSS aggregators need a traditional email client to function. RSS adoption will aid in the active, real-time, automated filtering of an ever-growing supply of content. Smarter content filters will drive up the value of prospect access. As consumers take more active control of the messaging and content they consume, reaching them gets tougher. Concurrently, as Search Engine Optimization looses its mystery, popularity and relevancy vie for dominance as content searches become more automated and span a number of different communication channels. RSS presents a huge opportunity to create communication efficiencies inside the enterprise by usurping the politics that bog email down and expediting the process associated with team communications. Additionally, mass adoption of RSS will challenge marketers to increase the value and quantity of the content built to influence prospects.

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