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Announcing KosmoBlog Version 1.2

September 26th, 2004 · No Comments

Announcing Version 1.2 of the still unofficial KosmoBlog.

Here are the key new features in this release:

  • Added “Post Web Page” function. Allows custom static HTML web pages to be inserted in the standard templates and managed within KosmoBlog.
  • Added function to automatically rename photographs when duplicate name is used. This is to facilitate the upload of images from phone-cams that recycle image file names.
  • Added function to support secure file attachments to article entries.
  • Added a tool that records a history of IP addresses of the individuals who are logging into a weblog via the Publisher Control Panel.
  • Added support for article keywords.
  • Added support to allow search of article keywords.
  • Added “About Me” business card web page that includes image, contact information and social networking features (including FOAF, authenticated login, etc.) The About Me page is generated on the fly and located at a “personal permalink” in the form of /foaf.rdf”><username>/foaf.rdf.
  • Added additional user interface cues and streamlined interface to make the transition between the Publisher Control Panel to the Reader Control panel interfaces easier.
  • Added support to allow Review templates to be fully customized.
  • Added ENT (Easy News Topics) support for RSS 2.0 (Details regarding the ENT specification can be found at
  • Added support to enhance switching between the Rich Text Editor and the Standard Text Editor. Line breaks are now preserved. 
  • Added “New User” cues to the Publisher Control Panel interface and streamlined navigation including the capability to show and hide less/more commonly used interface elements via a “roll-up” widget. This also includes signficant changes to the “Settings” tab which now breaks various settings into more logical and distinct groups of settings related functions.
  • Added support for RSD, “Really Simple Discoverability”, 1.0. RSD is a mechanism that helps client software find the services needed to read, edit, or “work with” KosmoBlog. Full details concerning the RSD 1.0 specification can be found at
  • Added support to make it easier to insert images in an Article entry within the Rich Text Editor.
  • Added support to export “author” information within the KosmoBlog export file.
  • Added UTC support in blog xml-rpc interface and fixed various TIME formatting issues.
  • Removed “article widgets”.

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