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July 18th, 2005 · No Comments

Well, here we go again. I was beginning to wonder why traffic to was larger than normal for people looking for Just when I was going to remove references to KoZmo from the website as well.

A google search for koZmo and koSmo show 609 results. Doesn't surprise me. Look at how many articles use both spellings. Unbelievable.

I'll likely get more visits to than MaxDelivery just from people remembering the old name!!!

Previous posts about KoZmo are here, here and here.

The Wired article.

From Techdirt:

Back in the heyday, was a part of an era of convenience funded largely by ambitious VCs. Though it certainly was nice to have DVDs and orange juice delivered within the hour, Kozmo's refusal to charge delivery fees and overexpansion doomed it to be one of the dotcom bubble burst poster children. Well, considering 2005 is being lauded as the new 1999, it's fitting that they're back at it again; some former Kozmo employees have started a new one-hour delivery service focusing this time on the needs of time-strapped new parents. Sounds like the new MaxDelivery has taken some lessons to heart from its experience with Kozmo. Once again, they've started in New York, which is a good thing considering the population density of delivery-addicted New Yorkers. And this time around, they're charging $4.95 for delivery for orders under $50. I hope they also have cool messenger bags — I'd love to pick one of them up on eBay in about a year.

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